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Travelling This Summer? Top 5 Apps to Keep Toddlers Busy and Learning • Our Globetrotters

It’s no secret that travelling with toddlers can be awfully tough!

Whether it’s airline layovers or enduring a long road trip by car, young children get bored easily and need something to occupy their time. Add in unexpected delays like traffic or airline cancellations, and it’s enough to make any parent want to give up their summer vacation!

Thankfully, parents have a lot of choices when it comes to entertainment for kids while travelling. Using a smartphone or tablet, children can easily access apps that not only keep them busy but also allow them to learn something worthwhile!

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If you’re looking for apps to keep your kids busy while travelling this summer, here’re our five top choices:

1. YouTube Kids

YouTube has gotten a bad rap due to inappropriate content geared towards kids. What many parents don’t know is that there is a children’s version of the app that filters content to make it safer for kids.

While YouTube Kids has had its share of hiccups early on, the app has fixed many of the issues and contains a host of worthwhile content that kids can watch.

Using privacy settings, parents can choose how content is curated on the app and monitor what children are watching.

For a more educational experience, steer toddlers and young children towards videos that review educational concepts, video song books, and how-to videos that teach kids arts and crafts.

2. Kids Academy – Talented and Gifted

Kids Academy’s Talented and Gifted is an all-in-one learning app for ages 2–10 that gamifies early education to make it fun by offering interactive learning activities.

The app features lessons on subjects from across the curriculum through videos, games, quizzes, and interactive worksheets that can be played both on- and offline!

Children work on skills such as phonics, reading, writing, math, science and others all while playing games and solving puzzles and mazes. What’s great is that it grows with your child’s skills, to keep them on a steady path of learning that will last longer than your trip!

Parents can subscribe to start their kids during travel, but carry on with it after they get home, keeping tabs on their child’s learning through a progress tracking tool and weekly emails!

3. Hungry Caterpillar Play School

Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a classic children’s book that all kids adore, and there are a variety of apps based on the book to help children learn.

Hungry Caterpillar Play School is one of the best and it includes a variety of games and puzzles that help kids practice foundational skills, such as counting, sorting, reading, and writing. Interactive characters and beautiful illustrations motivate kids as they work through the app, learning as they play!

4. Starfall ABCs

The Starfall ABCs app is unique because it is absolutely free and made available thanks to supporters. This app reinforces early literacy skills while motivating children through discovery and play.

Children play games and interact with letters and sounds to help bolster early reading skills. Not only will children love playing the games, but they will be building foundational reading skills as they learn to recognize letters and their sounds.

5. Learn Like Nastya

Play along and learn with your child’s favourite YouTube vlogger, Nastya, with this exciting new app!

Learn Like Nastya was created with help of professional educators and is designed with toddlers in mind. It addresses such essential aspects of a child’s immediate environment such as family, friends, home, feelings and emotions etc.

The app’s diverse activities encourage little learners to explore the wide world around them and get ready for school. The topics also cover introductory skills, such as the alphabet, early phonics skills, vocabulary, number sense, and more!

Because this app integrates a beloved famous character, kids are eager to play along and explore their natural curiosity for learning alongside Nastya! 

Over to you, what are your favourite toddler apps for phones and tablets to keep little kids entertained when you’re on the move?

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